• 1601 2019
    Kiszkowo (Poland)
    At their Polish industrial site Cargill asked us to perform a pre-installation WLAN site survey. Measurements were taken both inside and outside the building. Afterwards, we analysed the data and indicate the location of the access points.
    This multinational works alongside farmers, retailers, governments and other organisations in order to nourish the world. Cargill employs 1,850 people in Poland. Around the globe there are 155,000 employees working.
  • 0801 2019
    Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
    A while ago we had the privilege to perform a WLAN site survey at the office environment of Youth Protection Amsterdam. More recently we went back and installed the access points at the recommended locations. The biggest advantage of asking one company to be in charge of a total WLAN project? Efficiency!
    Youth Protection Amsterdam is a certified institution for the protection of children and juvenile rehabilitation. By protecting children, they can grow up in a safer environment and evolve into independent adults.
  • 0301 2019
    Brussel (Belgium)
    Advanced Networks
    Cabling certificates are restricted in time. Because of an upcoming renewal, the ADV-technicians followed a training. It involved a course of 2 days and we consider it necessary to uphold the good quality.
    Our company is a European market leader in LAN network services. The number one priority of ADV? Identifying client needs and building long-term partnerships with them.