• 1503 2019
    Diest (Belgium)
    One of our current projects? Doing cabling and replacing data racks at Sint-Annendael. All data will be easily manageable and orderly. After cabling, the access points can be conveniently installed.
    Sint-Annendael Grauwzusters vzw is a multi campus organisation and exploits four healthcare institutions. Annually more than 1,000 different patients can count on the expertise of an enthusiastic team of 450 staff members and doctors.
  • 0703 2019
    Sofia, Bucharest, Saint-Petersburg and Moskou (Bulgaria, Romania and Russia)
    Jacobs Douwe Egberts
    Want to be sure that the existing WLAN network at your business environment runs smoothly? Let us perform a validation site survey, just like Jacobs Douwe Egberts asked. At several of their sites -at locations such as Stockholm, Copenhagen, Sofia and Bucharest- ADV-teams ensured optimal WLAN networks.
    Jacobs Douwe Egberts was founded more than 265 years ago. Nowadays their coffee and tea assortment is available in over 140 countries all over the globe. Retail brands such as Bravo, Douwe Egberts, Jacqmotte, Senseo and Pickwick are all part of JDE.
  • 2702 2019
    Anderlecht, Edingen, Alleur, Brugge (Belgium)
    Stanley – Black & Decker
    At four sites of this global market leader we performed a pre-installation site survey and a visual LAN assessment. This last type of assessment visualises, analyses and documents the client’s network infrastructure. At Stanley – Black & Decker they received good insights for efficient installing. Another profit of a visual LAN assessment is easier troubleshooting.
    Stanley Black & Decker provides tools for builders and makers since 1843. This global leader in engineered fastening is known for superior quality and continual innovation.
  • 1902 2019
    Lovendegem (Belgium)
    The complete site of the Belgian chocolate brand has gotten a validation site survey. With this follow-up survey Belcolade is ensured of a high-quality WLAN network in the production environment and office area.
    Belcolade is a part of the international Puratos Group, that offers innovative products, raw materials and expertise for professionals. The Belgian chocolate brand provides new product ideas and has strict criteria when it comes to the origin of the cocoa beans.
  • 1302 2019
    Paris (France)
    The office area of Levis in Paris needed an optimal WLAN network. At first we performed a pre-installation site survey, which gave us the proper guidelines for the installation of the access points. Afterwards we could confirm a perfectly running WLAN environment with a validation site survey.
    In 1853 Levi Strauss recognized a need among hardworking people: clothing built to endure anything. Clothes that we call blue jeans nowadays. Levi’s is a global leader in jeans with 500 stores worldwide and products available in more than 100 countries.
  • 0502 2019
    Ougrée (Belgium)
    Arysta LifeScience
    A reliable wireless communication solution: that’s what Arysta LifeScience asked for. Inside and outside the building we attained an IP-DECT site survey. This type of survey maps the missing links and implements the solution.
    Arysta LifeScience provides modern solutions for sustained crop production. This global agricultural company specializes in the marketing and distribution of innovative crop protection and life science brands. Arysta designs these biosolutions in order to further develop sustainable farming.
  • 3001 2019
    Pegognaga (Italy)
    A visual LAN assessment provides detailed reporting on the entire LAN infrastructure of a location. Combined with a WLAN site survey we could map the 2 sites of Daikin exactly. The result? Daikin received better insights for the total LAN infrastructure and a report with guidelines for WLAN optimisation.
    Daikin is one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning equipment. It was founded in Osaka in 1924 and has expanded business over the years to over 150 countries.
  • 2401 2019
    Heuvelland (Belgium)
    Gemeente Heuvelland
    Finishing and testing existing cabling work? Yes, we also do that. The municipality Heuvelland had already prepared the cabling work at their town hall. We finished the rack and tested the cabling work so that it is secure.
    The municipality in the Western region of Belgium has 8 villages. The extraordinary hilly landscape and rich history makes Heuvelland quite special.
  • 1601 2019
    Kiszkowo (Poland)
    At their Polish industrial site Cargill asked us to perform a pre-installation WLAN site survey. Measurements were taken both inside and outside the building. Afterwards, we analysed the data and indicate the location of the access points.
    This multinational works alongside farmers, retailers, governments and other organisations in order to nourish the world. Cargill employs 1,850 people in Poland. Around the globe there are 155,000 employees working.
  • 0801 2019
    Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
    A while ago we had the privilege to perform a WLAN site survey at the office environment of Youth Protection Amsterdam. More recently we went back and installed the access points at the recommended locations. The biggest advantage of asking one company to be in charge of a total WLAN project? Efficiency!
    Youth Protection Amsterdam is a certified institution for the protection of children and juvenile rehabilitation. By protecting children, they can grow up in a safer environment and evolve into independent adults.
  • 0301 2019
    Brussel (Belgium)
    Advanced Networks
    Cabling certificates are restricted in time. Because of an upcoming renewal, the ADV-technicians followed a training. It involved a course of 2 days and we consider it necessary to uphold the good quality.
    Our company is a European market leader in LAN network services. The number one priority of ADV? Identifying client needs and building long-term partnerships with them.