Projects | 2018

  • 18/01 2018
    Utrecht (The Netherlands) – Making sure that employees can work in good conditions is a priority for a lot of companies. At government institutions that is also the case. At The Chamber of Commerce we tuned the WLAN network in order to get it high-performing. After all: happy employees who can work efficiently keep the organisation healthy.
    The Chamber of Commerce officially registers companies and gives them legal advice and support them when they want to export. Their main task? To keep the Commercial Register.
  • 08/01 2018
    Yffiniac (France) – At one of the French divisions of Cargill we performed a pre-installation site survey. We took all possible future WLAN interferences into account and gave guidelines for the installation of the access points.
    Food company Cargill links farmers to markets and customers with sustainable nutrition solutions. Their mission? Reducing environmental impact and improving nutrition in a responsible way.