Services | WLAN Site Surveys, Cabling and WLAN installations

Advanced Networks is a leading WLAN Site Survey organisation well respected and officially recognized and recommended by all main WLAN manufacturers. We deliver European wide Wireless LAN expertise, with a unique combination of in depth WLAN experience (21+ years), networking, and maintenance know-how.

Advanced Networks is a service provider company for integrators.  Our services are designed to meet your business needs and assist you in effectively implementing high-quality WLAN networks.

Advanced Networks and it’s partners provide a broad portfolio of services that address all aspects of implementation, operating and optimizing your Wireless LAN projects to help increase business value and return on investment for your client.  Advanced Networks Wireless LAN services ensure that you avoid coverage gaps, meet capacity requirements, access data reliably and securely as well as mitigate implementation risks by reviewing coverage requirements, analysing existing deployments, and establishing a foundation for addressing coverage challenges and interference.

Our specialised services include: