• 1011 2020
    Leuven (Belgium)
    Heilig Hart Leuven Hospital
    Whenever HH Leuven Hospital needs cabling or WLAN support they call us. Having an optimal WLAN and cabling coverage is key in a medical environment. Recently we did cabling works and adjustments to the network in certain areas of the hospital.
    The Heilig Hart Leuven Hospital is located in the centre of Leuven and wants to make every patient more than welcome. The approachable staff cares about the personal story of every single patient.
  • 0910 2020
    Multiple locations (Belgium)
    WLAN projects in a warehouse often require the use of a platform. Our experienced teams are trained to work on heights. At different locations we performed the next phase of the WLAN project for Keolis: cabling work and the AP installation.
    “We Imagine, We Care, We Commit”, are the values that all 63,000 employees of Keolis share. This company invents tailored multimodal mobility solutions and exists since 1996.
  • 0708 2020
    Arlon, Sint-Niklaas, Melle, Jumet (Belgium)
    Stanley – Black & Decker
    If we can perform cabling work at 4 sites of this returning customer? Of course! We did updates on the copper cabling, provided extra cabling, placed new data racks and many more. The cabling on these 4 sites is totally updated now.
    Stanley – Black & Decker is a global leader in engineered fastening and provides tools for makers and builders since 1843. They are known for superior quality and continual innovation.
  • 1707 2020
    Multiple locations (Belgium, UK, Canada, US and Hong Kong)
    Several clients
    Mounting materials are still in heavy demand and are shipped to several continents. Orders consist of standard and tailor-made mounting materials. Customized equipment can be shipped worldwide. Searching for a mounting solution? Contact us.
    Our unique mounting materials are specially designed to guarantee the right RF conditions. The proper mounting solutions increases the efficiency when doing a WLAN installation.
  • 1506 2020
    Beersel (Belgium)
    Municipality Beersel
    A higher fiber capacity in the town hall of the municipality of Beersel was needed. We went onsite and made sure the fiber was compatible. Extra fiber is placed in and between two buildings, and the inactive fiber is removed.
    Beersel is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant. It is best known for the Beersel Castle and the municipality had a total population of 23,433.
  • 0406 2020
    Brussels (Belgium)
    IMI Joint
    A proper installation of the access points is needed in order to optimize the WLAN network. At the offices of IMI Joint we did an AP installation. With correct placing and tuning the employees can enjoy a smoothly running WLAN network.
    The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is an EU public-private partnership funding health research and innovation. Their aim? To speed up the development of safer and better medicines.
  • 2705 2020
    Roeselare (Belgium)
    Arhus: Het Portaal
    At the office buildings of ARhus we performed an installation of the access points (AP’s) and also did additional cabling work to optimize the connection with the AP’s. The viable WLAN network now complies with international standards.
    Het Portaal ARhus is an innovative platform that encourages lifelong and life-wide learning and focuses on learning, entrepreneuring and innovation. It puts Roeselare on the map as a city that loves creative entreprises.
  • 1205 2020
    Brussels (Belgium)
    In the work environment of Collibra at the Tour and Taxis site, our team did a data rack patching and an installation of the access points. Patching a data rack in a proper way is also key to optimizing a running WLAN network.
    Empowering people, transforming processes and pushing progress with Data Intelligence: Collibra assists organisations to unlock their data and turns it into a strategic, competitive asset.
  • 3004 2020
    Steenokkerzeel (Belgium)
    Repatriation centre
    The cooperation with Feelsecure is an impeccable one. A recent project was at a repatriation centre in Flemish Brabant, where our teams assisted their teams with cabling work.
    Belgium has a couple of closed centres. Foreigners without a right of residence are held in administrative detention at these locations.
  • 2204 2020
    Leuven (Belgium)
    Heilig Hart Leuven Hospital
    Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, hospitals were running low on supplies of surgical masks. We decided to donate 240 FFP3 surgical masks to Heilig Hart Leuven. This hospital is one of our trusted partners for WLAN and cabling support. A recent project at their site was cabling work.
    The approachable staff of Heilig Hart Leuven cares about the personal story of every single patient, so they feel more than welcome. You can find the hospital in the centre of Leuven.
  • 1704 2020
    Wevelgem (Belgium)
    This global nutrition company experienced WLAN network problems in their warehouse environment. Our team went on-site for a validation site survey, and that resulted into proper guidelines for a correct WLAN configuration and installation. A smoothly running WLAN network? Check.
    Danone is a world leader in dairy products, plant-based products, early life nutrition, medical nutrition and waters. This well-known food company has one mission: bringing health through food to as many people as possible.
  • 0204 2020
    Alleur, Brugge, Edingen (Belgium)
    Stanley Black & Decker
    After a cabling project from A till Z this returning customer requested our teams to do additional new cabling work. Having one partner who knows the situation is efficient and ensures a smooth progress of the project. Last year, we performed a lot of pre-installation site surveys and visual LAN assessments for Stanley Black & Decker.
    This global leader in engineered fastening provides tools for builders and makers since 1843. Stanley Black & Decker is known for superior quality and continual innovation.
  • 1103 2020
    Brussels (Belgium)
    Advanced Networks
    Continuous learning is an important element in the tasks of our WLAN teams. Recently, in-house training sessions were held and courses on location are followed on a regularly basis. Knowledge sharing within our company is commonplace.
    Advanced Networks delivers WLAN services and combines that with in-depth WLAN experience and knowledge. Strong client and partner relationships are our number one priority.
  • 0503 2020
    Several locations (Belgium)
    “Can you make sure we get an optimal running WLAN network in our workstations and office?”, was the main question of Keolis. Yes, we can! At several locations, we performed WLAN site surveys and cabling work in order to optimize the network.
    Keolis invents tailored multimodal mobility solutions and exists since 1996. Since then, Keolis has grown year after year. The 63,000 employees share the same values: “We Imagine, We Care, We Commit.”