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WLAN installations

Advanced Networks has the requisite expertise to professionally install your new WLAN infrastructure.

WLAN environments are now the primary method of connecting to the network. That’s why a quality WLAN installation is essential.

Wireless connections are paramount these days. They facilitate working in meeting rooms or flex desk environments whilst simultaneously maintaining a connection to the company network or world wide web. Without the need for cables.

If an access point is incorrectly installed, the network is unlikely to function at an optimum. Every environment is different, and each access point or antenna comes with its own installation guidelines.

Together with the WLAN engineers, our technicians help to make the difference. They undergo regular training and education on the latest trends and technology. This ensures that they mount each and every vendor access point correctly and in line with the environment.

This training, coupled with the results of our site survey report and vendor guidelines, lays the foundation for a quality WLAN installation.