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WLAN site surveys

Only a site survey can ensure what you need for a proper WLAN network.

A site survey implies more
than just a visit to your location.

In order to determine an optimal RF design, the environment must be rigorously examined using wireless tools and professional software. During a site survey, we additionally check for external sources of interference, such as rogue signals and rogue access points. A spectrum analysis is also conducted in order to detect non-Wi-Fi interference which can obstruct the optimal operation of your wireless infrastructure.

Each location is unique and every application that uses the wireless infrastructure requires a specific RF design.

Active site survey

During an Active site survey, we connect to the existing network. Whenever a client device - such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet - connects, it performs all the tasks of a typical 802.11 client device.
These tasks include shifting data rates, throughput as RF conditions change and retransmissions whenever the client determines that the access point didn’t receive the transmission. The PHY-rate and retransmission information that we capture reveals detailed information about the RF environment, throughput and ability to tune and optimise the communication between client device and access point.
Opting for an Active site survey consequently enables us to gather and report on more detailed information about your Wi-Fi Network, including:

  • Standard coverage requirements (RF coverage and signal strength)
  • Capacity requirements (user maintenance - type of devices)
  • Requirements for specific applications:
    • Voice (Cisco, Lync, Skype, …)
    • Data (basic connectivity, “High speed, high usage”, Healthcare environment, Latency-sensitive applications and many other criteria)
  • WIDS/WIPS deployment

* Can be performed during a Validation site survey.