• 3103 2021
    Brussels (Belgium)
    Political Intelligence
    Political Intelligence requested us to optimise the network cabling in their office building. A while ago we did cabling work on one floor of the building, and now we went back for more cabling work on another floor.
    Political Intelligence is a public affairs and lobbying agency that was established in 1995. They help their clients to transform their business objectives into political priorities.
  • 0203 2021
    Mechelen (Belgium)
    Technopolis is changing their exhibition areas for the following three years and needed a cabling partner for that challenging task. We’re glad to be their partner. At regular moments we will roll out the whole cabling network at the renewing areas.
    Technopolis is the Flemish science centre. It’s a place where you can discover all kinds of fun stuff and facts about science and technology.
  • 0501 2021
    Mechelen (Belgium)
    For the new work environment of DRD we were responsible for the installation and cabling work. For instance, in the offices we placed functional columns that are also esthetically pleasing to the eye.
    DRD offers a complete product line of professional cleaning products and accessories to fully comply with haccp standards. They also provide support to companies in terms of hygiene, such as training and hygiene plans.